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Senegalese Sole

Senegalese sole

Introduction to the species:

The standard length of Senegalese sole is 60cm, and its body is oval and asymmetric and it is usually found swimming around the west side of the Mediterranean sea. They feed on small crustaceans. They are normally located in lagoons and costal areas up to depth of 100m.

Its production can be slow- the European sole farming began in Portugal in the late 1970s in Europe; Senegalese Sole is most appreciated and is usually sold in fillets.

EU facts:

  • Among other marine fish species, Senegalese sole sells for the highest average price in the EU at €11 per kg.
  • Senegal sole aquaculture is at present limited due to poor reproduction of captive breeders in many facilities.

Activities related to Senegalese sole in NewTechAqua:


  1. NewTechAqua will advance the reproductive behaviour and spawning of hatchery-produced (F1) Senegalese sole and will develop innovative procedures to control natural spawning of broodstock without hormonal therapies. The results will pave the way to enabling the production of “organic” eggs and larvae of this species. The results will also allow hatcheries to reproduce F1 breeders with the opportunity to begin breeding programme for genetic improvement.


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