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NewTechAqua project presentation with Dr. Alessio Bonaldo

Welcome to the first podcast of the NewTechAqua project video series. The series will focus on the different aspects of NewTechAqua and will feature video interviews or podcast with project partners discussing the complexities and discoveries of the project. The first episode is dedicated to the introduction of NewTechAqua and is presented by Dr. Alessio Bonaldo.

Dr. Alessio Bonaldo is an Associate Professor at the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences  at University of Bologna and the coordinator of NewTechAqua. Alessio is a fish nutritionist dealing with innovative protein sources for aquaculture fish species and feeding strategies to improve fish gut health and is the author/co-author of 50 scientific papers on peer reviewed journals in the field of aquaculture.

In this video, Alessio presents the goals of NewTechAqua and introduces the consortium and partner projects in the aquaculture sector. Please follow our NewTechAqua channel on Youtube for more fishy news, interesting interviews, and project updates!


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