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NewTechAqua generates parallel studies on fish feeding regimes

NewTechAqua’s researches on alternative sustainable rearing systems generated a derived study: Fishes from the trials were used in a parallel study on feeding regimes. Results have shown that feeding grey mullet fry continuously during daylight hours optimizes feed digestion and promotes fry growth.

Feeding protocol is one of the most important factors influencing fish growth performance in aquaculture, together with many other such as health management, genotype or production technology for instance. Therefore, building a deep knowledge of the different aspects regarding feeding behaviours of farmed animals is of key importance. But to do so, all factors that could significantly influence animal nutrition have to be taken into consideration.

In this study, researchers analysed the effect of different feeding regimes on the circadian rhythms of pancreatic digestive enzyme activities in Mugil cephalus fry weighting 0.34 ± 0.01 g. To know more about the study, read the scientific publication available here in open access.

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