AquaIMPACT and NewTechAqua initiate co-operation on the genetic improvement of feed efficiency in Atlantic salmon

To assess the potential to increase feed efficiency in Atlantic salmon by genomics and selective breeding, activities are merged from the two Horizon 2020 EU-projects
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NewTechAqua last study: The importance of thermoperiod for proper gametogenesis and successful egg and sperm production in meagre (Argyrosomus regius) breeders in aquaculture

In this study, the researchers involved in NewTechAqua project examined the possibility of using constant water temperature throughout the year (supplied by borehole water) to stimulate
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First NewTechAqua scientific publication: Biosensors Based on Isothermal DNA Amplification for Bacterial Detection in Food Safety and Environmental Monitoring

The easy and rapid spread of bacterial contamination and the risk it poses to human health makes evident the need for analytical methods alternative to
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