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Broodstock management with Aquanetix: an innovative cloud application developed within NewTechAqua

AQUANETIX is a cloud application developed to support aquaculture operations in improving management of their farms. Within the framework of WP4 Closing the reproductive cycle of economically important species of NewTechAqua, the utilities of this application have been extended to include broodstock management. The features in AQUANETIX allow scientists and commercial broodstock managers to track the life history of individual breeders, as well as broodstocks over the years, correlating reproductive performance parameters with population, environment and other parameters.

To cover the multitude of research activities performed by researcher institutes, AQUANETIX has the capacity to record and report custom sampling types (e.g. growth, reproductive condition, hormonal therapies for spawning induction, fin clipping, etc) that can take the form of complex, multi-type variables. This extends the opportunities to track not only physical but also descriptive, genetic and even visual traits of individual breeders and broodstocks, through the utility of uploading images (e.g. body photos, biopsies, histology slides, etc.) and other files.

The interface developed is easy to use, facilitates the organization of breeder data and comes with a simple and effective search facility that allows users to quickly find tagged individuals and see, at a glance, all traceability and sampling data associated to it.

Using the AQUANETIX mobile App, users can effortlessly record most data linked to broodstock tanks, such as feeding, water parameters, egg production, etc. With the YellowfinBI reporting platform, data can be reported in a sophisticated and effective way.

Watch the below video to get to know more about the app:

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